add google ads and analytics to lightbox

using this lightbox jquery plugin:

you will need to use asynchronous google analytics code like:



YUI link slideshows between multiple pages

this code is created by me to link galleries between pages on this squarespace site:

using YUI library



example of wordpress user query with meta key and value


php get time difference by milliseconds

this is a function that calculates the difference between two times with milliseconds. i built it for a racing website to compare drivers.


WordPress Shortcode to get today’s birthday, yesterday and the day before

this is a shortcode created for a client to get the birthday of his employee from a custom database table with 3 varchar fields : name, area and date.

you will notice there is two versions one using server time and the other using wordpress current time function. because the timezone of the server is different than the user set timezone in wordpress


the result:

PSA Peugeot Citroën 2014-09-30 03-49-11


used with this plugin to import csv into the database table: